The Voss Ranch History

As told by Mina Cooper Voss with Robert W. Voss

Assisted by Barbara and Jack Rairden


This is the gripping story of one of the premier cattle ranches on Log Hill Mesa. 

In November of 1957, C. M. (Mick) and Mina A. Voss obtained their initial land holding on Log Hill Mesa by exchanging their ownership in the Milton Motel in Montrose, CO.  Mick and his brother Bob had been in the construction business in the Montrose area since they returned home from their distinguished service in World War II.  That included the construction of the motel.

Their newly obtained property consisted of 405 acres of raw land in Sections 26, 27, 34, 35, Township 47, Range 9W, N.M.P.M. at an elevation of 7,200 ft. Approximately one-half of the property was forested and in natural grasses, wild flowers, cactus, rabbit brush, etc.

In the fall of 1958, Mick and Bob cleared the other 200 acres and planted wheat grasses, crested wheat, orchard, brome with some alfalfa according to the soil depth and possible spring run-off melt helping to get them established.  Boundary fences were also started in 1958, as well as, a 16 ft. x 26 ft. A-frame cabin.  It was covered with cello sheathing and later sided with shiplap boards and painted.

Through the years, they added property by purchase and sold a number of parcels.  Mina's current ranch is 480 acres.

This story includes an introduction of Mina, Mick, and Bob Voss, a history of the Cooper - Voss families, 4-H stories of Mick and Mina’s children, Gayle Laree Voss and Gilbert Milton Voss, and family activity photos.

Also included is a DVD video of Mina and Bob and the ranch.


At the left: Mina and Bob Voss, 1986.




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