The Thayer Family History

As told by Mildred Thayer Moon, Gloria Thayer Morris,
Roger Ray Thayer and William (Bill) Moon

Now available in the Ridgway Public Library


Mildred, Gloria and Roger are the grandchildren of one of the most distinguished families of settlers on Log Hill Mesa in the early years of the 20th century.  Their grandparents were Gilbert Brown Thayer and his wife Agnes Dennison Thayer.  The Thayer’s had three children: Lester, Ruby and Harvey.  Their father, Harvey Thayer married Vera Marie West in 1925 and they had two daughters, Mildred and Gloria and one son, Roger.  Bill Moon married Mildred in 1960.

The interviews were conducted by Barbara and Jack Rairden.  The approach taken was to meet at the Moon home to record the interview on audio tape, after which, the interview was transcribed word-for-word insofar as possible.  The transcriptions were given to the Thayer’s for editing and, where appropriate, were modified and corrected.  This process was continued until The Thayer's were completely satisfied that the transcripts accurately reflected their remembrances.

In addition, non-recorded interviews in person and by phone were made with the interviewees from 2004 until present.

The oral histories along with other supplemental historical records including photographs, newspaper articles and written recollections are included in this historical presentation.  Also included are CD copies of the interviews, typed transcripts of the interviews and video taped recordings of the Voss'.

Also available in the Ridgway Public Library is an oral history report by Robert W. (Bob) Voss and Mina Cooper Voss.  This is reported in a separate document titled: "The Oral History of the Thayer-Voss Family".

The Thayer Family, 1975. L to R- Roger, Vera,
Gladys West, Harvey, Gloria, and Mildred



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