Settling Families


The history of Log Hill Mesa, as with any community, is made by figures and the real-life experiences of the people who lived them and the memories of their descendents.  These pages present the stories and legacies of the families whose lives helped shape the history of Log Hill Mesa and, in turn, Western Colorado.

See a list of other history stories being prepared!
The Mary Adile Beach Family History The DeVeny Family History
The Thayer Family History The McLaughlin Family History
The Thayer - Voss Family History The Logan Family History
The Thomas Family History  
The Flowers Family History Part I and Part II  
The Hotchkiss Family History  
The Voss Ranch History  


Copies of the family history stories that are archived in the Ridgway Public Library can be ordered at the printer's costs by contacting: Scott's Copy Etc., 330 S. 12th Street, Unit A, Montrose, CO 81401

These are spiral bound booklets printed on high quality paper.  The price per copy is based upon the number of pages and the number of colored photos.  To date, the prices per copy have ranged from about $8.00 to about $21.00.


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