"History Stories of Early Log Hill Mesa Families"

Compiled by Jack and Barbara Rairden


Table of Contents
1. The Thomas Family
2. The Flowers Family
3. The Flowers Family, Part II
4. The Thayer Family
5. The Thayer-Voss Family
6. The Voss Ranch
7. The Hotchkiss Family
8. Mary Adile Beach
9. The DeVeny Family
Epilogue & Acknowledgements


This book is a compilation of nine history stories of eight of the most prominent families in the development of Log Hill Mesa (LHM) in Ouray County - the stories currently are  archived in the Ridgway Public Library. They give great insight into the people who faced many challenges and obstacles in establishing homes and ranches on this near desert-like terrain starting in the late nineteenth century and continuing to this day. 


Jack and Barbara Rairden


In this book, we have documented our knowledge of the people and events that have brought Log Hill Mesa to the present. The early settlers had to work very hard to eke out a living from the land. Nearby residents often referred to the people on LHM as “Loghillers”, a somewhat pejorative term roughly akin to “Hillbillies”. To many, moving off of LHM to the city (any city) was a big social advancement. By 1970, people with “deep pockets” started buying up land for themselves or on speculation to meet a developing market for retirement homes or second homes. The value of land has soared since then and, until about two years ago, continued unabated.

We have sold-out our copies of these books; however, they can be referenced at: The Ouray County History Museum, Ouray, CO; The Ouray Public Library, Ouray, CO; The Ridgway Public Library, Ridgway, CO; The Montrose Public Library, Montrose, CO; The Museum of the Mountain West, Montrose, CO; The Montrose History Museum, Montrose, CO; and, The Ouray County Ranch History Museum, Colona, CO.

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