The McLaughlin Family and Log Hill Mesa

by Martha (Marti) Morris Nolen


Marti was a frequent visitor to Log Hill Mesa in the late 1920s and the 1930s because her uncle, John McLaughlin and his wife Hettie, owned and farmed at mid-LHM.  The farm had been homesteaded by John's father, Bernard, early in the 20th century.  Uncle John was the one who had the magic fingers because he could raise anything, particularly large potatoes and cabbage.  After his parents retirement from farming, son Edgar McLaughlin and his wife operated the farm.

At the left:    Marti at her home, 2006.


Marti has many fascinating recollections from that time period.  She ended her story with the following:  "This tribute cannot be just for John and Hettie, it has to be for every family that lived on the Mesa and tried to eke a living from it.  They had to be strong determined people who were not afraid of hard work and diligence.  All of us who are descendents of these people should be very, very proud of them.  I am so proud of Uncle John and Aunt Hettie, and my cousins; they were survivors."


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