The Mary Adile Beach Family History

As told by Adile Beach with her daughter Rosie Herman

Now available in the Ridgway Public library


This very poignant oral history of Adile Beach gives insight into the early 20th century struggles in the lives of the people in rural southwest Colorado. In particular, Adile’s adventures on Log Hill Mesa from the mid-1920s to the mid-1930s is a riveting story of an 11-year old girl coming to the Mesa with her parents and siblings and developing into a young, married woman with three young children.  Partial family trees are shown below.

Adile's oral history was recorded on audio tape on two occasions:  April 19, 2004, at her home in Montrose; and, September 22, 2005, while taking a video recorded driving tour of Log Hill Mesa.  Her daughter, Rosie Fitzgerald Herman, was with her during both of these interviews.  In addition, non-recorded interviews in person and by phone were made with Adile and Rosie from 2004 until present.

The oral history story along with other supplemental historical records including photographs and other memorabilia are included in this historical presentation. Also included are: typed transcripts and CD copies of the interviews, and a DVD recording of the driving tour.

Rosie and Adile at the old
Knifer Ranch, 1999




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