The Log Hill Volunteer Fire Department
The Log Hill Mesa Fire Protection District


The Log Hill Fire Department had its embryonic beginnings in April 1976.  A group of 20+ interested neighbors met to lay the foundation to form a non-profit corporation.  Gordon Logan was elected Fire Chief and chaired the early meetings.  Committee leaders included:  Hank and Bea Frenze, Bob and Nancy Brown, Jimmy Johnnie, Fred Satariano and Archie Yelek.

Of critical significance was the Frenze's lease to the Fire Department of one acre of their property on CR#22.  The lease was at the rate of $1.00/year for ten years at which time it would be deeded to the planned Log Hill Mesa Fire Protection District.

Hank Frenze, Ken Peterson, Gordon Logan, Jimmie Johnnie, Fred Satariano, John Pearson and Lowell Staford constructed Firehouse #1. The first fire truck was a 1,000-gallon tanker on loan from the Colorado State Forest Service - it was moved into the firehouse in October 1976. 

A committee was formed in early 1978, to lay the groundwork for establishing a Fire Protection District.  Many hours were spent in defining the proposed district boundaries, obtaining resident petition signatures, and, obtaining BOCC and Court approvals.  An election in December 1978, led to the formation of the District on January 1, 1979.

The construction of the Firehouse #2 in Log Hill Village was begun in September 1980.  George Nelson led the effort; volunteers from the community did most of the work.  The construction was mostly completed in late 1981.


Honoring the Founders

In 2003, with the authorization of the District Board of Directors, a bronze plaque was obtained by donations from the community to honor Hank and Bea Frenze for their generous donation of 1 acre of land on which Firehouse #1 was built in 1977.  The plaque was mounted on the front of the firehouse in late 2003.

Jeanne Logan, Hank Frenze and Barbara Rairden Log Hill Mesa residents Jeanne Logan, Linda Nelson, Barbara Rairden, Hank Frenze, Joy Hughes, Ron Ringo and John W. Nelson stand in front of the commemorative plaque honoring Hank and Bea Frenze, who, in 1977, donated the acre of land on which two fire stations stand.


In July 2004, a small group met at Jeanne Logan's to form an ad hoc committee to explore the possibility of obtaining a commemorative sign or plaque to honor those who organized the Log Hill Volunteer Department in 1976.  Those on the committee in addition to Jeanne were Bill Bennett, Sara and Will Coulter, Larry Heeren, Chris and Bob Kindschi and Barbara and Jack Rairden.  Later, Susan Watson joined the committee.

The committee decided that the people who established the Log Hill Mesa Fire Protection District in 1979 and the people who built Firehouses #1 and #2 should also be recognized by having plaques made for both firehouses.  The plaques were to be purchased with contributions from the community in accordance with an agreement with the District Board of Directors.

Occasional meetings were held at Jeanne Logan's until final wordings and layouts were agreed to by the committee.  Bronze plaques shown below were ordered in late 2005 and were presented to the Fire Department at the Log Hill picnic sponsored by the Fortuna Tierra Club on August 5th, 2006.  Fire Chief John Rogers and Asst. Fire Chief Tom Austin received the plaques and installed them on the exterior of the firehouses as shown below.  Several of the honorees were present at the ceremony. 

The following photos were taken at the Log Hill picnic which was held at Firehouse #1. Originally, it was to be held at the Flowers Ranch, but rainy weather had made the picnic area quite muddy; hence, the change in venue.  The weather turned warm and sunny for the picnic and a great time was had!  Enjoy the photo gallery below.....

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  • Firehouse 1 Plaque
    Firehouse 1 Plaque
  • Plaque on Firehouse 1
    Plaque on Firehouse 1
  • Firehouse 2 Plaque
    Firehouse 2 Plaque
  • Plaque on Firehouse 2
    Plaque on Firehouse 2
  • Firehouse 2 at Log Hill Village
    Firehouse 2 at Log Hill Village
  • Mina Voss and Bob Voss with Mina's grandson Mike Hayward
    Longtime Fire Dept. supporters Mina Voss and Bob Voss with Mina’s grandson, Mike Hayward at the original Firehouse on CR 22
  • Picnic in the new Fire Station 1 building
    Picnic in the new Fire Station 1 building
  • George Nelson
    George Nelson
  • Georgia and Don Dunham
    Georgia and Don Dunham
  • Hank Frenze
    Hank Frenze
  • Jeanne Logan with Jack Rairden
    Jeanne Logan with Jack Rairden
  • Ken Peterson
    Ken Peterson



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