The Hotchkiss Family History

As told by Edgar and Marion Hotchkiss

Now available in the Ridgway Public Library


Edgar and Marion Hotchkiss and their family members are well known and highly respected, not just in the Colona region and on Log Hill Mesa, but throughout Montrose and Ouray Counties. The Hotchkiss family in this area dates to the earliest days of settlement - even before the Ute Indian removal from this area in 1881.

Edgar and Marion have been heavily involved in ranching and community activities in this area for all of their time here.  They are a featured family in Doris H. Gregory's book: "The History of Colona and Pioneer Families", Cascade Publishing Co., 2003.  This valuable reference should be consulted for many details of the Hotchkiss family from the mid-1800s to the present.

We first met Edgar and Marion when we bought our property on County Road #1 from them in 1989.  Since then, we've had innumerable visits with them - several of which were audio and/or video recorded and are included in this history story.

At the left:   Edgar and Marion Hotchkiss at their home, 2007.



The recorded visits that serve as the basis for this story were conducted by us at their ranch on Highway 550 and while touring Log Hill Mesa, Colona, the Colona Cemetery and Kelly’s Trail near Billy Creek.  The approach taken was to transcribe the tape recorded interviews word-for-word insofar as possible.  The transcriptions were given to the Hotchkiss' for editing, and, where appropriate, modified and corrected.  This process was continued until they were completely satisfied that the transcripts accurately reflected their remembrances.  In addition, non-recorded interviews in person and by phone have been made with the Hotchkiss' from 1991 until present.

We are certain that many people in this region, including many who have known Edgar and Marion well, will find their remembrances riveting, humorous, and at times almost unbelievable.  The oral histories along with other supplemental historical records including photographs, newspaper articles and written recollections are included in this historical presentation.  Also included are typed transcripts of the interviews, CD copies of the interviews,  and a DVD video of the interviewees which include Edgar narrating tours of the Colona Cemetery, Colona, Kelly's Trail and Log Hill Mesa.



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