The DeVeny Family History

As told by Bob and Betty DeVeny


Bob and Betty DeVeny are longtime ranchers who moved to Log Hill Mesa from Wyoming in 1981 after buying their 40-acre ranch on Dead Realtor Lane and building their home there.  Cowboy Bob quickly built his reputation as a first rate horse trainer and as a well-known musician and entertainer.  Betty became very active in community organizations, particularly the Fortuna Tierra Club.


At the left:    Betty and Bob at their home on Log Hill Mesa. 2005


Bob was born March 26, 1927, in Ft. Laramie, WY.  His family moved to Arkansas in 1927 where he attended school.  Betty was born April 9, 1928, in Missouri - she attended school in Arkansas and California.  They were married April 11, 1948 in Springdale, AR.

They moved to Wyoming in 1952 and lived there for 30 years in Chugwater, Rock River, and Jackson.  They have four children: Diana, Cathlyn, Duane, and Anita; nine Grandchildren; Chad, Jason, Paul, Jeff, Adam, Clay, Becky, Lisa, and Rob; and five Great Grandchildren: Kiya, Cayden, Gavyn, Bergen, Cole, and Jackson.

This oral history is based on an audio taped interview that was made with Bob and Betty on March 18, 2005, at their Log Hill Mesa home and additional informal discussions and phone calls since then.  After the interview, the transcript was typed word-for-word insofar as possible.  The  DeVeny's then edited, modified and corrected it.  This iterative process was continued until they were completely satisfied that the transcript accurately recorded their remembrances.

Supplemental historical records including photographs, newspaper articles and written records are included in this history presentation.

Also included are the typed transcript of the interview, a CD recording of the interview, a DVD video of the DeVeny's 60th wedding anniversary and Cowboy Bob's latest music CD entitled "Story of My Life".



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