Colona Cemetery Association, Inc.

By Jack and Barbara Rairden


We have been looking into the history of the Colona Cemetery that, at times, has been known as the Grandview Cemetery.  So far, our sources of information have been the Ouray County Website, a discussion with Edgar and Marion Hotchkiss and a visit to the law office of Robert Burns in Ouray.

          Mr. Burns started working on a pro bono basis with Edgar in 2001, to update the legal status of the cemetery.  He found a reference dated in 1906 in which a Hotchkiss family member (probably Uri) deeded land for the cemetery to the International Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) in Ouray.  In March 1922, the property was conveyed by the IOOF to the newly formed Colona Cemetery Association, whose members were: Richard Collin, Uri Hotchkiss, F. W. Price, V. L. Hotchkiss, H. A. McNeil and Ike Hull.

          A Search Reply from the Colo. Dept. of State (undated) shows a Date of Dissolution for the Colona Cemetery Association on January 1, 1978, and a Date Defunct & Inoperative on December 29, 1972.

          With Mr. Burns' guidance, on February 11, 2002, Edgar Hotchkiss executed the Articles of Incorporation of the Colona Cemetery Association, Inc. (CCAI) that were dated February 7, 2002.  Robert B. Burns was appointed as Registered Agent for the Corporation.  The three Directors of the Corporation were: Edgar Hotchkiss, Ted Collin and Bob Bullington.

          In Article II of the Articles titled: "Purpose Clause", it is stated that: "This Corporation is organized solely and exclusively for the charitable purpose of providing for, maintaining and operating the Colona Cemetery in Ouray County Colorado; to otherwise solicit, collect and otherwise raise funds for such purposes; and to expend, contribute disburse and otherwise handle and dispose of such fund for such purposes".

           At their first meeting on May 9, 2002, the Board of Directors passed a resolution directing the law office of Robert B. Burns to initiate a quiet title action in Ouray District Court to assure that the new Corporation has clear legal title to the cemetery property.  This transaction was completed in March 2003 whereby the 9.46 acres of fenced-in area of the cemetery was deeded to the CCAI.

          Mr. Burns also discovered the CCAI did not have legal access to the cemetery. In 2002, he obtained Easement Boundary Agreements from Carol R. and Dixie Rinehart and Richard Willard to allow for: "The sole purpose of access to the Colona Cemetery as a cemetery and not to be used for any other non-related purposes".

          Many years ago Marion Hotchkiss told us about a pamphlet in the Montrose Public Library titled: "Ouray County Cemeteries" (1984) that was compiled by the Ouray Genealogical Society in 1983-1984.  We have a copy of the section titled: "Grandview Cemetery, Colona, Ouray County, Colorado", by Elaine Ricker.  There are ~28 surnames listed and ~ 80 individual gravesites.  We recently visited the cemetery with Edgar and Marion to identify gravesites that have been added since 1984.  Click here to view the updated list shown in Table I.



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