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By way of background, we moved to Ouray County from New York State in November, 1990.  We moved into our newly built home on County Road #1 in early 1991.  Jack joined the Log Hill Volunteer Fire Department in June, 1991, and has been an active member since then.  He was member of the Board of Directors of the Log Hill Mesa Fire Protection District from June, 1993, to January, 2000.  For most of his time on the BOD, he served as Secretary/Treasurer.

Our primary approach for this project has been and still is to seek information from people who have lived here for many years which includes oral interviews and searches of newspapers and library records.  We have asked interviewees for artifacts such as old photos or other memorabilia that they could donate or let us copy or photograph.

We have an association with the Ridgway Public Library's Ranch History Project.  As the history stories are completed and approved by the interviewees, they are archived in the Library.


Here are some "words" we live by...

Log Hill Mesa historical researchers Barbara
and Jack Rairden, on the hunt for history.



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Resume of John (Jack) R. Rairden, III





Ridgway Sun article featured in April 2005


Reprinted by permission of David Mullings, Publisher,
The Ridgway Sun, P. O. Box 529, Ridgway, CO 81432.



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